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I'm an emo boy. I like to take pictures, listen to music, and cry like a fucktard.

Etsy - I make books
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80lb, alternative, alton brown, american cheese, american eagle outfitters, aquariums, asian tables, beer, binding books, black ink, book binding, boxes, boys, cameras, cardstock, checking the mail, cheer detergent, cheese, chopsticks, circa, clear tape, compact things, costco, css, curious george, cutting boards, dextromethorphan, digital cameras, divx, diy, dlist, domo kun, drills, drinking, dryer sheets, earth tones, efficiency, electronics, emo, etsy, exaile, fat cocks, fedex, firefox, fish, folding paper, food network, free stuff, g2 pens, geocaching, glasses, glue, gmail, gnome, good eats, google, green, handmade, hardware, hawaii, indie, industrial strength velcro, interior design, irish spring soap, iron chef japan, italian food, kill bill, kona, labels, last.fm, laundry, legos, letters, linux, livejournal, lowes, mailing tape, mix cds, modern design, mozzarella, music, myspace, neutral colors, nokia n800, open source, oral sex, organizing, origami, paper, pasta, penises, pepperjack cheese, perfection, photography, photos, photoshop, php, pictures, pizza, porn, portability, postal service, recycling, red wine, rexford cahill, robo, robots, rss, rulers, safety goggles, scrubs, sewing books, sixapart, skateboards, sketches, slurpees, social networking, somewhere only we know, soymilk, spell check, spoons, sprite, square bowls, squares, stealing signs, straight hair, tape, telephone poles, the rocket summer, tofu, treehugger, turtles, typography, usb, usps, vegetarian food, velcro, vodka, vox, wallets, web design, wifi, wikipedia, wine, wireless devices, x-rays, xfce, xfwm, xubuntu, zach braff